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Combining my natural artistic ability with my engineering background, I created and cast (in my home built foundry) the first Vietnam Veteran Memorial in the USA in 1983, and was commissioned by the National Ballet of Canada to create four of their lead dancers. I studied sculptural art in Scottsdale, AZ, and went on a one year sculpture sabbatical in Pietrasanta, Italy. I’ve made many portrait sculptures and given sculpture classes and workshops. In 2000 I was commissioned to create the sculpture of “Elvis at 13” for Elvis Presley Birthplace in Tupelo, MS., and in 2012 “Elvis Becoming” also for the birthplace.

My goal in my sculptures is to capture the essence of a moment and emotion.

“You clearly captured the humbleness and innocence that was his essence during his formative years in Tupelo. The high cheek bone features, the nose, the puffy eyes, the ridged hair, all encompassed in the open collared shirt and oversized coveralls clearly showed Elvis's meager background….. ……You are to be congratulated on your superb sculpting talents.” Sincerely, Henry C. Dodge, Jr. Chairman Elvis Presley Memorial Foundation

“I am mesmerized by how he captured Will's character in an almost magical way.”

“His technical skills are flawless and greatly to be admired, but more than that, he was able to capture the whimsical nature of our seventeen year old.”

"The shape, grace and elegance of the figure are just what I had envisioned. You are a master at capturing the beauty of motion."