Elvis bronze
Elvis and self
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was commissioned by the Elvis Presley Memorial Foundation. It was unveiled in Tupelo, Mississippi, on the sixty-seventh anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley, and dedicated on August 9, 2002. The sculpture is 5' 5", the height of Elvis when he was 13 years old and left Tupelo for Memphis, Tennessee.

August 15, 2002
The following are just a few photographs that were taken immediately after the dedication ceremony of the sculpture of "Elvis at 13" in Tupelo, MS.

I did not count the number of buses, but according to the newspapers, there were 15 bus loads of Elvis fans from England alone! The sculpture was very well received; at least I was asked to sign photographs, postcards and T-shirts. The sculpture immediately became a photo-op at the site.

The making of the Elvis sculptures by Elvis' Birthplace
Elvis at 13