From Idea to Finished Form
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Initially, ideas for the sculpture are discussed including size, portion of the figure to be depicted, final use and placement. Once the scope and purpose of the project are defined, photographs are taken, usually at the client's location.
Once there is agreement between artist and patron, the artist (in the case of a full body sculpture) makes a small wax model "roughing out" physical details. A 1/3 deposit is required at this time.
The purpose of this study is to capture the essence of the subject, in both movement and feeling. Next, a clay model is fashioned over an armature. The artist's challenge is to achieve the essence and likeness of the subject while also preserving the sculptural character of his creation.

Once the client approves the clay model, a second 1/3 payment is required and a mold is made for casting the sculpture in the chosen medium of bronze or polycast. Much of the preliminary work can be best accomplished in the artist's Greensboro, North Carolina, studio or nearby. However, when the client finds it inconvenient to travel, this can normally be accommodated.
Time for completion of a sculpture varies depending on the complexity, size, and material of the work. Turnaround time may vary from two months for a head in clay to over eight months for a life-size sculpture in bronze.

The final 1/3 payment is due at delivery.
When the sculpture is completed in clay it will go through the
lost wax procedure to have it cast in bronze.