Artemis, Zeus’ daughter, divine huntress, held the status and privilege of an Olympian, aloof and free-spirited. Her symbols are the silver bow and arrow.  More about Artemis click here



Artemis in bronze
Artemis bronze right

In my original interpretation of Artemis a draped female figure was used, with a muscular, graceful body, bow poised for a clear shot, face and aim slightly upward-skyward but clearly focused on the target. Her back is arched back more for higher focus, but she is flat-footed, well grounded, ready to fire with the silver tip arrow.


I create a 12.5 inch high version of Artemis, but elongated the body slightly to make it more graceful.  As you can see I used two patinas to accent the skin, visible through the clothing.

This sculpture is for sale for $4290 in bronze only
If interested please let me know:
The name of the sculpture (Artemis), your contact info such as: your name, address and phone number at: Contact

Artemis left
Original commission