For a new series that I have been working on for several years, I have chosen most sculptures I have made throughout my career, but now implemented with different design criteria:

-A sculpture should be viewed in-the-round, but modern living spaces are getting smaller, which makes it seeing the entire sculpture difficult because of limited viewpoints. Therefore I placed the sculpture of the series in front of a decorated mirror so it can be placed close to a wall but still can be viewed in 3D (the back of a female is often more interesting than the front).

-Due to the multiple steps in making a bronze sculpture, foundries often distort and alter the true detail and texture of the sculpture. Therefore I decided to create a new series of 9 inch (23cm) tall figures in a material that I can cast myself directly into the mold, eliminating the extra step of an intermediate and delicate wax. The white material I use is tough and strong, but not as brittle as marble.

-Another design criteria is that the base is white and props ( ie skirts, water, docks etc) are black.

The sculpture assembly evolved into a "contemporary mixed media sculpture".

The face (head) of the sculptures is just a face I made up. But……. ……

Leah is the name of the model that posed for the entire series. The larger sculpture on the right is a portrait-full body sculpture of "Leah getting ready to pose"

Note: (Dimensions are given in inches in the common sequence of (Width x Length or Depth x Height))