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Elvis at 13 was commissioned by the Elvis Presley Memorial Foundation. It was unveiled in Tupelo, Mississippi, on the sixty-seventh anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley, and dedicated on August 9, 2002. The sculpture is 5' 5", the height of Elvis when he was 13 years old and left Tupelo for Memphis, Tennessee.


In order to create Elvis at 13 I was provided a class picture (frontal view) of Elvis at 13.

forensic pix

For example, that from birth to being a young adult the face changes: eye brows and forehead become more prominent, the nose grows longer and more defined and might even develop a dorsal hump, the corners of the mouth change and become more prominent. And the cheekbones and jaw become prominent and square. 
Since I knew what he would look like as an adult (from his films as an adult). And assumed he looked like any baby at birth - there is a picture of him as a 3 year old - I had to divide the facial-age-progression to adult over 20 years. 

In 2013 I was asked to create a monument depicting Elvis at 11 and Elvis as an adult (entertainer). To sculpt the head of Elvis at 11 I used this same technique, turning the clock back a little further... a little towards a less prominent nose, chin, forehead etc.
The sculpture of Elvis at 13 was created and unveiled in 2002. The sculpture of Elvis at 11 will be unveiled, together with him as an adult, on August 2015. Elvis' 80's birthday, so I blurred the head of the sculpture until the unveiling of that monument.

The side view was derived by turning back his age from what he looked like in his later films, a technique  I learned in  forensic sculpting classes, in combination with information on "facial age progression".
© Michiel Van der Sommen